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Proudly presenting the new concept fighting cervical cancer in Spain

Self-sampling by XytoTest – HPV Hr-DNA by Abbott and risk stratification by PreTect HPV-Proofer.

An unique combination!

“Mía by XytoTest®, a preventive comprehensive diagnostic system has completed its integration in Spain to prevent cervical cancer.
Our preventive protocol offers a unique sample collection technique ensuring sufficient amount and quality of cervical/vaginal specimens for HPV- testing. These samples will be analyzed targeting DNA to identify HPV-Hr infections using Abbott Laboratories technology.
In addition, to those positive samples for any HPV-Hr infection, a triage process will be implemented by detecting HPV mRNA E6 and E7. The triage using the same original sample will risk stratify among the infections and indicate the ones most likely to progress to severe cervical disease or cervical cancer. By identifying the few women at highest risk, follow-up and treatment can be immediately effectuated, hereby preventing cervical cancer. The triage test is the most advanced mRNA method developed, patented by PreTect AS, Norway,” said Mel-Mont Medical’s COO, Frank Meléndez.

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Proudly presenting the new concept fighting cervical cancer in Spain Order

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