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Global 7 Diagnostics Gets America Back to School and Work with Rapid COVID-19 Saliva Testing

Cost-Effective Turnkey Solutions for Rapid COVID-19 Saliva Samples Testing, Surveillance and Reporting Provide Pre-Vaccine Solution for Businesses and Institutions

ATLANTA, Oct. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Global 7 Diagnostics, a leading clinical laboratory testing facility with an extensive molecular test menu, has been named one of a few select laboratories authorized to offer Yale University's revolutionary SalivaDirect™ test. The COVID-19 saliva test being offered by Global 7 Diagnostics provides analytical sensitivity of 99% and analytical specificity of 94%, making it the most reliable rapid-action saliva test currently available. Global 7 Diagnostics SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19) tests have received Emergency Use Authorization from the United States Food and Drug Administration. Combining laboratory services, a proprietary app technology and event planning services in one offering, Global 7 Diagnostics provides cost-effective turnkey solutions for rapid COVID-19 saliva samples testing, surveillance and reporting for business and institutions looking to reopen.

"In order to be able to congregate in our nation's classrooms, offices and meeting spaces once again, we need access to reliable and responsive COVID-19 testing measures, and Global 7 Diagnostics has a solution," said Global 7 Diagnostics CEO Daniel Lipton. "Although there is great hope for a COVID-19 vaccine, the reality is it will be a while before most Americans are vaccinated, creating the need for alternative solutions such as saliva testing combined with surveillance to get the nation back to school and work."

Global 7 Diagnostics is harnessing the capabilities of its three subsidiaries – Global 7 Diagnostic Labs, Strata Research, and Infinity Solutions – into one comprehensive COVID-19 testing and surveillance solution. Global 7 Diagnostics Labs provides unprecedented testing capabilities using Yale University's revolutionary SalivaDirect™ test. Strata Research delivers a COVID-19 connected diagnostics platform to capture, track and share key data seamlessly and securely across multiple points. Infinity Solutions creates pop-up testing locations and virtual oversite events to help large employers and institutions meet their health and wellness goals without the stress and complexity of managing events themselves

Combining the Strata Research proprietary surveillance and reporting app with Global 7 Diagnostics Labs state-of-the-art testing capabilities, the company offers unparalleled security for businesses and institutions. Individualized barcodes or QR codes provide security and ease of use when verifying test kit or reagent authenticity. Through Strata Research, HIPPA and GDPR compliant real-time test results provide predictive analytics to anticipate disease outbreak. All test results are reported by utilizing the appropriate LOINC and SNOMED codes, as defined by the Laboratory In Vitro Diagnostics (LIVD) Test Code Mapping for SARS-CoV-2 tests provided by the CDC. All data transmission occurs electronically using Health Level 7 (HL7) electronic laboratory reporting (ELR) guidelines, allowing local and state health departments to relay the data to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and U.S. Department of Health and Humans Service (HHS).

To facilitate testing on the large scale necessary, Global 7 Diagnostics offers event planning and organization for testing large populations through its subsidiary, Infinity Solutions, including: medical staffing and operational logistics; distribution of supplies and materials; specimen handling, transport, and storage; and high-complexity CLIA laboratory oversight. Infinity Solutions established the first campus-wide continuous COVID-19 testing and surveillance of students, faculty and community.

"To safely maintain business, organizations need more than a one-time snapshot, instead requiring the ability to see trends of where there are pockets of infection in order to better control outbreak," Lipton continued. "Consistent and accurate saliva testing, which is more comfortable and therefore more conducive to repetitive testing, combined with electronic contact tracing is the solution to get our schools and businesses operating again."

About Global 7 Diagnostics Located in Norcross, Georgia, Global 7 Diagnostics is a leading clinical laboratory testing facility with an extensive molecular test menu. As a high-complexity CLIA certified laboratory, Global 7 Diagnostics provides prompt, high-quality and comprehensive personalized health care services that are in compliance with government regulations. Combining Global 7 Diagnostics Labs testing capabilities, the Strata Research proprietary app technology and Infinity Solutions event planning services in one offering, Global 7 Diagnostics provides cost-effective turnkey solutions for rapid COVID-19 saliva samples testing, surveillance and reporting. For more information, visit

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