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Global 7 Diagnostics is a high complexity CLIA certified laboratory. Located in Norcross, Georgia, Global 7 started as an Allergy Specialty Laboratory that understood the complex issues that healthcare providers face with allergy testing. We have come a long way since we began in 2015, always with our goal to help the community. Now, we offer allergy and a battery of tests, including COVID-19, RPP, and ARB. At Global 7 we have always strived to be on the leading front of testing and science. This pursuit brought us to be one of the first laboratories to test for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in Georgia within the first trimester of 2020. Now we are one of the few laboratories testing RT-PCR based on saliva samples.

Our Mission is to provide prompt, high-quality, and comprehensive personalized health care services that are in compliance with government regulations. Global Diagnostics Labs provides innovative laboratory solutions through collaborative partnerships with colleges and universities, private healthcare institutions, and public health organizations. Currently, all of our SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19) tests have received an Emergency Use Authorization from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Our Goal is to empower every medical professional to properly treat, prescribe, and diagnose patient symptoms and conditions by providing our services. We strive to utilize modern technology combined with a clinical methodology to stay ahead of the curve with the fastest turnaround times as possible. At Global 7 Diagnostics Labs, we empower administrators to improve health outcomes for faculty, staff, and the community. Global 7 Diagnostics is a leading clinical laboratory testing with a comprehensive molecular test menu. 


Our Promise is to exceed all industry standards and to improve patient care continually. Equally as important as the quality of our services is the integrity with which we conduct our internal business practices and our relationships with ordering physicians and other practitioners.


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